Nels Anderson's 1963 Land Rover
"The Green Bean"


The First Green Bean - Matchbox No.12

Well, it didn't have a name then, but back in the 1960's there were Matchbox cars and lots of them were British (being that Matchbox was a British company) and one of the best was No.12, the "safari" Land Rover. One of these was part of my Matchbox collection and eventually ended up as part of my HO train layout.

No.12 Safari Land-Rover in the Matchbox catalog; mine was green though

The Safari Land-Rover in action in another scene in the Matchbox catalog

My original Matchbox No.12 is gone, but here's a replacement that looks the same

My original No.12 parked as part of my HO train layout

The Full Size Green Bean

Built: 16 November 1962
Dispatched: 27 November 1962
Purchased: 9 December 2004 on eBay
Arrived: 9 January 2005

                                    Geocaching at Callahan State Park     Museum of Transportation Truck Show 10/2/05     The Green Bean makes a friend at Minute Man Airport     The Green Bean set up at NEAR-Fest May 2007    

The Green Bean Travels North

The Grean Bean says goodbye to sunny, warm Arizona. (12/17/04)

The Grean Bean arrives in cold, snowy Massachusetts. (1/9/05)

Dead battery; the Grean Bean doesn't want to start.

The Green Bean Meets Winter 2005

Blizzard of January 23, 2005

The Green Bean Gets A New Engine - March 9-29, 2005


Fitted For Radio - K1UR Mobile - April 9, 2005

High Sierra screwdriver antenna on ladder Closer view of antenna and ground Icom IC706MKIIG control head and speaker
VHF antenna on roof rack Electric panel in back The inspiration...Paul Stein VQ4EO on safari across Africa in his Land Rover and early SSB station in 1958
Updated 6/2/10 with Motorola MCS 2000 for 900 MHz Updated panel in back 6/2/10
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Green Bean Trips