NA1GB "The Green Bean" Does Field Day 2014


The Green Bean once again provided the radio platform for Field Day 2014, as sponsored by the ARRL and operated by K1UR and K1NR. Having past years operated from all New England states and sections we went searching for a new place to operate from and got a tip about Point Judith, Rhode Island, which is right on the ocean and has a good view in many directions.

Our planned destination was the South Shore Management Area, which seemed to be a place used for fishing and had a parking lot with a nice western view over the water. On arrival, though, we found this place was much more popular than we anticipated, with cars already parked along the entire driveway and out into the main road. Fortunately, nearby was the Rose Nulman Park, just next to the Point Judith lighthouse. Here there was adequate parking and a little elevation, though we were now on the east side of the point. This proved to be a good spot and we spent the afternoon operating.

Early evening we took a break and drove into town. On return, our original destination appeared much less busy and we were able to pull in and after a brief wait get a west facing spot. Here we operated until after dark and enjoyed a great sunset.

Conditions were generally marginal. We made a few local contacts on 6m but there were no openings. There was nothing happening at all on 10m and 15m brought in only a few. Most time was spent on 20m and 40m, with a few contacts on 80m and even one on 160m SSB.

This turned out to be a great location.

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